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Recollections of Rivka Weinstein

Lincoln Square Synagogue was the first synagogue I ever stepped foot in. At the time I wasn't even Jewish and what made it worse, at least in my mind, from Germany.

With much trepidation did I make my way part the security and through the lobby where to my surprise everyone was so nice and welcoming! Then I climbed the steep narrow stairs to find the beginners classroom and found a rather utilitarian looking room. But the spirit! The...Read more...

Recollections of Enid Moskowitz

Just a few memories from the old building:

Simchat torah at LSS with the Chupa to call up the chatanim. Rabbi Riskin taking everyone out to the Lincoln Towers courtyard for the last hakafa, dancing and singing. People out on their terraces staring in amazement. Meeting at LSS and walking with Rabbi Riskin en masse to Central Park for Birchat Hachama. Rabbi Berman’s moving, intelligent and often enigmatic Shabbat Shuva...Read more...

Recollections of Jerry Blitzer

When Avi was around two years old he became fascinated with the aron kodesh. He would walk up the stairs to the aron on shabbat and yom tovs when the aron was opened.

On Yom Kippur his nanny brought him to shul at neilah and he was with me.
All of a sudden I saw him standing in front of the open aron. I was confused as what to do. He was just standing quietly looking at the torahs in the open aron. One member asked me to remove...Read more...

Recollections of Ruth Riemer

I was looking forward to retirement and to all of the mental images that retirement conjures up. Staying in bed until 10:00 a.m. or p.m. Meeting girlfriends for lunch. Going to matinees in the afternoon. Attending a Shaare Zedek luncheon.

That was before Cantor Sherwood Goffin suggested -- no, requested, no, implored me -- to volunteer to be the school psychologist for the Lincoln Square Synagogue Hebrew School. I am known...Read more...

Recollections of Phil Landsberg

Lincoln Square Synagogue was not just my first job, but my second family. Rather than trying to pick any one particular member-based moment, I'll give two from my personal life.

1) I did one of my brother's Sheva Berachot at LSS. It was small, family only, a beautiful night, and would not have been possible without my ties to LSS and Kay Caterers.

2) My eldest, Noah, was a difficult pregnancy. I spent a lot of time back...Read more...

Recollection of Shefa Weinstein, daughter of Perry and Margy-Ruth Davis

This came from our daughter Shefa - bat mitzvah at LSS - then a group leader.

Made aliyah in 2001 and now living with her husband and four kids in the newly inaugurated yisvhuv - Even Shmuel - in the Northern Negev.

Hiding from the group leaders in the girl's bathroom.

Going to the girl's bathroom to collect my girls when I was a group leader.

Recollections of Daniel Mars Margolis, LSS' founding president

We sent a letter to the Alcoa Residence Company asking for space to house our newly formed synagogue. Rabbi Riskin and I attended a meeting with the president and a few of his associates and almost fell through the floor when they showed us a plan of the lot that was available at 200 Amsterdam Avenue. They agreed to sell us the property with no money down and even agreed to subordinate to a mortgage we would place to help expedite our...Read more...

Recollections of Cantor Sherwood Goffin

With the permission of our Morah D’Asra, Rabbi Robinson:

I have been asked to be the very last speaker in this building at 200 Amsterdam Ave., as we say goodbye to this beautiful sanctuary in which I have davened for more than 42 of the 47 plus years that I have been the Chazzan at LSS, and to assist in transferring its holiness to a new place.

Mourn? I will not mourn! But, remember? Remember I will...Read more...

Memories of LSS

After 11 years of planning, hoping and finally watching our new LSS rise from the ground, we're leaving our beloved 200 Amsterdam Avenue.

But we can't just let 200 Amsterdam Avenue be reduced to a pile of rubble without a proper goodbye. It was, in almost a real sense, a living entity, given life through our tefilot, learning, and experiences, from exhilarating to occasionally despairing.
When we think about it, our...

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