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Recollections of Enid Moskowitz

Just a few memories from the old building:

  • Simchat torah at LSS with the Chupa to call up the chatanim.
  • Rabbi Riskin taking everyone out to the Lincoln Towers courtyard for the last hakafa, dancing and singing. People out on their terraces staring in amazement.
  • Meeting at LSS and walking with Rabbi Riskin en masse to Central Park for Birchat Hachama.
  • Rabbi Berman’s moving, intelligent and often enigmatic Shabbat Shuva drashot.
  • Sitting across from Rabbi Cohen in his office, mutually holding a handkerchief as I sold my chumetz
  • Attending several friends’ weddings at LSS, in particular Marty Birn’s wedding on September 10, 2001. The sheva brachot there two days later provided a ray of light in the dark weeks that followed.
  • Seeing Wendy and Syd Baker sitting in the lobby, collecting food for the needy on fast days.
  • Rabbi Robinson standing on the bima dressed as a British soldier during the megilla reading.
  • Rabbi Robinson calling children to story time in his booming voice, and then seeing him sitting in a corner of the ballroom surrounded by attentive children as he speaks.
Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780