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Programs and Classes

The Beginners program, one of the gems of Lincoln Square Synagogue, is still going strong after more than 40 years. 

Led by Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, the LSS Beginners program has achieved wide acclaim and is replicated throughout the Jewish world. 

While the centerpiece of the program is the Shabbat Beginners Service, the service is supplemented by many additional educational and social programs, such as: The Introduction to Bible class, Crash Courses in Hebrew Reading, Basic Judaism and Jewish History, monthly Beginners luncheons, holiday Shabbatonim, Beginners Shmoozes, and holiday parties.

Please see below for descriptions of programs and classes.

Upcoming Events 




The Beginners Service will meet every Saturday, 9:30am-12:00pm. Location: 3rd Floor-Gym. Please double check the location with security. Click here for more information and to register!

 Don't Miss Rabbi Buchwald's Zoom class on the weekly Torah portion, Thursday Nights @ 7:15pm-8:15pm. Please note new time. Click here to register. 


Jewish Living Workshop, Spring 2024 - February 5, 2024

Pre-Passover Luncheon - April 13, 2024


Beginners Luncheon - May 4, 2024

Beginners Schmooze - May 6, 2024. Please click HERE for Zoom.

FINAL CALL Beginners Luncheon - June 1, 2024

Shavuot All Night Learn In - June 11, 2024

FIRST CALL Beginners Luncheon - September 7, 2024 

Shabbat Morning Services for Beginners

Imagine a Sabbath service designed for people who know little or nothing about Jewish prayers.That’s what the Beginners Service is all about—an anxiety-free "No Hebrew Necessary" prayer experience that will keep you looking forward to Saturday mornings. Open, honest discussions provide the opportunity to consider the questions you have always had about being Jewish. And there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that everyone at the Beginners Service is a "Beginner.


The Beginners Service will meet every Saturday, 9:30am-12:00pm. Location: 3rd Floor-Gym. Please double check the location with security. Click here for more information.  


Beginners High Holiday Services

At last, the High Holidays Service for those who aren't so High on the Holidays! This Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, treat yourself to Lincoln Square Synagogue's "High Holidays Beginners Service," The High Holidays will never be the same


Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur

No one will be turned away for lack of funds


Shabbat Luncheons for Beginners

Follow-up the Beginners Service with an extra treat at the almost monthly Shabbat Beginners luncheons. Shabbat rituals and traditions are explained and taught. Divrei Torah messages are shared and traditional and modern zmirot are sung.

Cost is $35

Please click on date to register

October 14, 2023, November 4, 2023, January 6, 2023, February 3, 2023, March 2, 2023, May 4, 2023, FINAL CALL June 1, 2023, FIRST CALL September 7, 2023 

Beginners Schmooze

An intimate discussion group for Beginners and former Beginners, devoted to specific topics and/or issues that affect the lives of those who wish to grow in their religious knowledge and/or observance. Refreshments will be served.

October 16, 2023 (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

November 6, 2023

March 4, 2024

May 6, 2024


Holiday Parties

Lively Beginners parties celebrating our special holidays. Includes dinner, live music and home-grown entertainment. Offered Annually:

Chanukah Party - December 11, 2023 (Monday night)

Purim Party - March 23, 2024 (Saturday night)

The Jewish Living Workshop                                                  

Led by Dassa and Bill Greenbaum


"Hands on" Jewish Living Experience.  We learn by doing.  Participants experience Judaism outside the synagogue on a practical level. The goal is to aid any Jew to become personally involved in aspects of Jewish ritual and living at their own pace. The workshop is free.  A few sessions will require a modest fee for materials.  To inquire more information, please send an email to

Beginners Pre-Holiday Shabbat Luncheon

Celebrate a joyous, full Shabbat luncheon experience together with the Rabbi Buchwald. Intended for participants in LSS Beginners programs.

Offered before Chanukah and Passover Annually

Hebrew Classes

Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I 

Level I is designed for Jews who have little or no background in Hebrew, and focuses on teaching the Hebrew alphabet and reading skills. Five 1-1/2 Hour Weekly Sessions.  

Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level II   

Level II is a five session follow-up class for the “graduates” of the Level I Hebrew Reading Crash Course, who can recognize the Hebrew alphabet and wish to advance their Hebrew reading and comprehension skills. Five 1-1/2 Hour Weekly Sessions. 

One Day Review 

The One Day Review is designed for those who wish to brush up on their skills by reviewing the letters, vowels and words learned in the HRCC Level I. One 1-1/2 Hour Session.

Model Seder with Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald 

Join us for an intimate and exciting pre-Passover rendition of the traditional Passover Seder. Learn the skills of conducting a meaningful and joyous seder for your friends and family. Bring your recorders to capture the explanations, anecdotes and songs.

Co-sponsored by NJOP

April 17, 2024

All Night Shavuot Learn-In with Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald 

Celebrate and commemorate the giving of the Torah at Sinai over 3335 years ago by staying up all night learning Torah.

General class starts: 11:30 PM
Beginners class starts: 12:45 AM

June 11, 2024


Introduction To The Bible with Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald

FALL TERM 2023 - October 10, 2023

This course provides a general overview of the content and style of the Bible. We will review basic literary and theological approaches to Bible study, traditional and modern, through the analysis of the Biblical text.


SPRING TERM 2024 - February 13, 2024

An in-depth study and analysis of the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments) and other basic biblical texts. The religious significance of the Bible, scriptural exegesis and the relationship of the written and oral law will be discussed and analyzed.


Parashat HaShavua - Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Bible Class

Enjoy an animated and insightful exposition of a cogent lesson drawn from the weekly Torah portion. Class meets every Shabbat and most holidays. September - June Free After Sukkot and during Standard Time, 45 minutes before Mincha (Shabbat and holiday afternoon service) 1 hour before Mincha during Daylight Savings Time until Sukkot.

See weekly synagogue schedule or call 212-874-6100 to confirm.


Weekly discussion of Torah Portion takes place on Zoom every Thursday at 7:15 PM. 

Please click here for the zoom link.

No one will be turned away from these programs for lack of funds. For additional information, or to be placed on the LSS Beginners mailing list, please call the Lincoln Square office at 212-874-6100 or email One may also request to receive Bereshith, a free quarterly newsletter written for beginners, by beginners and published by the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) at

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