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Yahrtzeit Plaque Order

Yahrtzeit, literally meaning “time of one year,” is the full day of remembrance of a deceased relative on the anniversary of their death according to the Hebrew calendar.

It is a widely observed Jewish tradition to commemorate the passing of a loved one by memorializing those that have departed on a dedicated memorial wall.

At Lincoln Square Synagogue, such walls are placed on the second floor across from our Beit Midrash. Plaques are inscribed with the name of the departed along with the date of birth and of passing. Beside each plaque is a memorial light. The plaques are lit for the entire month of the Yahrzeit and on all days when Yizkor is recited.

The cost of the plaque for members is $750 while for non members is $1,000.

You can purchase a Yahrtzeit Plaque by filling out the form below. You will be able to make a payment on the next page using a credit card or a check.

Yahrtzeit Plaque Order Form



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