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LSS Youth Club

The Lincoln Square Synagogue Youth Club is committed to helping Jewish children of the Upper West Side grow and flourish. By engaging them with year-round events during Shabbat and Chagim, LSS offers its youth membership high quality programs with a strong balance of Judaic studies, recreation, enrichment and cultural activities to support and strengthen overall development of the community. Our mission is to help foster the skills necessary to support academic achievement, raise confidence, and cultivate leadership skills.

Some of the things you can expect from the Youth Club

  • Weekly Shabbat “Baby & Me” for age 0-24 months + Parent (starting at 11 am)
  • Weekly Drop off Shabbat Groups + Circle Time for age 2 (starting at 10 am)
  • Weekly Drop off Shabbat Groups for age 3 - 12 (starting at 10 am)
  • Weekly Parsha Education including ethical discussions enforcing Torah values and environments that support social and emotional learning
  • Weekly Youth Kiddush and Healthy Snacks
  • Robust culinary opportunities for children to explore their creativity, including Rosh Hashanah Honey Cake Baking and rolling Sushi in the Sukkah
  • Age-appropriate programming and hands-on games, including trivia challenges
  • Shabbat Birthday Parties
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational activities on our terrace and in our pre-function room
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebrations
  • Simchat Torah Grand Raffle and Buffet
  • Legendary Purim Carnival
  • High quality arts Sukkah Decorating, Edible Sukkah Engineering, and Candy Bananah Menorah Building
  • Musical Havdalahs
  • Pizza and Movie Nights
  • The Shofar Factory and Matzah Bakery
  • Of course, lots and lots of Candy

Shabbat Morning

Our staff works hard to provide a safe and meaningful experience while implementing Jewish programming and the theme of the week. Please help us create a proper decorum for Davening by not socializing in our youth rooms. Please pick up your child after Davening.

נבטים  Sprouts (0-24 months): Room 208/210 "Baby & Me

‘Baby & Me’ is a program for parents and their youngest children. Join us for your baby’s first introduction to the youth department with tummy time exercises, musical tefillah and songs, stories, and healthy snacks. “Baby & Me” runs from 11:00am - 11:45am. While all other Youth Groups are drop off, Baby & Me requires that one parent stay with your child for the duration of the program.

זרעים  Seedlings (Age 2 Years Old) Room 210

Age two enjoys circle time Tefillah, Parachute Parsha, free play and stories followed by kiddush and healthy snacks. This is the first of our drop off only rooms, please make sure to notify the counselor.

שורשים  Roots (Ages 3-4 Years Old) Room 211  

Your child will learn and sing Tefillah, be introduced to civil engineering on our train tables, explore the culinary arts with fully equipped toy kitchens, learn through team building, and finish with story time, a Parsha brief, exercises, healthy snacks, and candy prize Kiddush!

ניצנים Buds (Ages 5-7) Room 208

Room 208 (ages 5-7) relax with a bean bag Tefillah, engage in interactive discussions, learn and discuss the Parsha theme of the week, and build and learn with toy brain flakes and memory challenging games. Don't miss Kiddush with healthy fruits, snacks, and stories!

פרחים and ענפים - Branches and Flowers (Ages 8+) Rooms 206 and 207

For our largest and oldest youth group, Tefillah is led by a Chazan and Chazanit, respectively. Davening is followed by Parsha themed learning, tickets for raffle prizes, Pop-a-Shot and Nok-Hockey tournaments, board games, and athletic competitions indoors or outside on the terrace.

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