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                   Learning Opportunities


  •  Sheilot Uteshuvot by Assistant Rabbi, Yoni Zolty: 9:15-10:15am. Location: Beit Midrash


  • A Gemara Class Bava Kama: Laws of Personal Injury led by Rabbi Robinson: 11:00am-12:00pm. Location: Nathaniel Richman Cohen Sanctuary. 
  • The Jewish Living Workshop: 7:30pm: Hands on Jewish living experience. Led by Dassa and Bill Greenbaum. Email them at: Register at
  • Chug Ivrit led by Gali Rabin Chadashot (News from Israel):7:00pm-8:15pm. This week’s class will be held on Zoom. Meeting ID: 835 3789 4515 Passcode:701985. Click here to register
  • 7:00pm: Exploring Daat Tevunot with Lloyd Epstein Torah Mitzion Kollel Fellow Yehonatan Kahana. Location: Belfer Beit Midrash


  • The Marilyn & Sam Isler, “Studies in the weekly Parsha” led by Rabbi Shaul Robinson: 11:00am–12:30pm . Location: The Nathaniel Richman Cohen Sanctuary
  • Introduction to Bible led by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald: 6:30pm - 8:00pm.
  • Weekly Beit Midrash Night! Featuring Chaburas from LSS Clergy and Kollel Fellows! 7:00pm-9:00pm. Location: Belfer Beit Midrash
  • Beit Midrash night, The M'lachim (Kings) Study Group led by Ron Platzer: 8:00pm. Meeting ID: 850 0937 1460 Password:560900


  • 11:00am: Shmuel Aleph (1 Samuel) led by Assistant Rabbi Yoni Zolty: Location: Shele Danishefsky Covlin Foyer


  • Women’s Talk Time: led by School Psychologist Ruth Moser Riemer: 11:00am-12:00pm. Meeting ID: 972 4054 8238 Passcode: 142533
  • Jacob Adler Parsha Class: Explorations in the Weekly Parsha led by Rabbi Shaul Robinson: 7:00pm.  In person location: Belfer Beit Midrash


Daf Yomi: Sunday at 7:30am Monday & Thursday at 6:10am and Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday at 6:20am: Location: Belfer Beit Midrash and Virtual. When Rabbi Meir Shapiro proposed the idea of Daf Yomi — reading a page per day of the Talmud until you had completed the entire Talmud, he was seeking community and a way to unify the Jewish people. Help us realize his vision and unify our own Lincoln Square Synagogue community by joining us in this important tradition. Learning Daf Yomi has never been easier-join us in person or via Zoom (please note that Wednesday's are conference call only).

Schedule: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday– virtual. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday– in person and virtual.

See dial in instructions below : Step 1: dial in #: 646-558-8656. Step 2: dial in code 83765052291. Step 3: password # 1948

Wednesday's are conference call only with the following dial in instructions: Step 1: dial in #: 267-807-9601. Step 2: code # : 3113299601

For those of you able to join us in person we look forward to seeing you in the Belfer Beit Midrash!


Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783