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                   Learning Opportunities

There are times when, for various reasons, classes may be canceled. If you would like to confirm that any particular class is indeed taking place please call the shul office at 212-874-6100.



  •  Rabbi Rosenfeld’s Shiur on Rabbinic Responsa • Meets after the 2nd Minyan  •  Join Rabbi Rosenfeld on Sunday mornings after 8.30 am services for a journey through the  fascinating and compelling world of rabbinic responsa literature, navigating the historical, sociological, and psychological nuances of the Halakhic process through study of a seminal responsum each week - all accompanied by a strong cup of delicious coffee or tea


  • The Marilyn & Sam Isler Studies in the Weekly Parsha Class with Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld • 10:30am-11:30am- Belfer Beit Midrash
  •  Beit Midrash night, The M'lachim (Kings Study Group): with Ron Platzer  7:00 pm- Rm 211: M'lachim, the Book of Kings - the death of David, the magnificent reign of Solomon and his fall, the split kingdom, the dramatic tales of Elijah and Elisha, and so much more. Join our lively weekly study/discussion group as we analyze, pasuk by pasuk, these exciting Biblical narratives. 


  • The Jacob Adler Parsha Class: Explorations in the Weekly Parsha with Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld • 7:00pm- Belfer Beit Midrash Join  Rabbi Shaul Robinson for an exciting and timely look at the weekly portion utilizing contemporary and ancient commentators to uncover new depth in Torah study.


***For times of each class, please refer to the Shabbat Echod 

Shabbat Morning:

  • Shiur given by Dr. Moshe Sokolow in the Belfer Beit Midrash- 7:45am

Shabbat Afternoon:

  • Beginners Mishna Chavura with Moshe Sheinwexler in the Belfer Beit Midrash
  • Samson Rephael Hirsch Bible Class with Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald 
  • Louis & Rhoda Lazar Memorial Shiur with Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld


Wed, February 26 2020 1 Adar 5780