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Recollections of Daniel Mars Margolis, LSS' founding president

We sent a letter to the Alcoa Residence Company asking for space to house our newly formed synagogue. Rabbi Riskin and I attended a meeting with the president and a few of his associates and almost fell through the floor when they showed us a plan of the lot that was available at 200 Amsterdam Avenue. They agreed to sell us the property with no money down and even agreed to subordinate to a mortgage we would place to help expedite our project.

They also provided us with an apartment in 150 West End Avenue to use for services temporarily and an apartment for the rabbi to live in on the second floor of that building.

The rest seemed to just fall into line, getting an architect, a contractor and raising funds. There were many hurdles to overcome. One in particular comes to mind:  when we wanted to enlarge the lower level to accommodate the catering facility, it required getting an easement and moving underground power lines and sewer lines. This was done with great effort and free of charge by our esteemed members Mr. Julius Kahn, an attorney and by an engineer.

A huge sign was placed on the corner of the then vacant parcel announcing that on this site LSS will be built. The groundbreaking ceremony was performed without a dry eye on the scene.

Mon, July 13 2020 21 Tammuz 5780