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Recollections of Rivka Weinstein

Lincoln Square Synagogue was the first synagogue I ever stepped foot in. At the time I wasn't even Jewish and what made it worse, at least in my mind, from Germany.

With much trepidation did I make my way part the security and through the lobby where to my surprise everyone was so nice and welcoming! Then I climbed the steep narrow stairs to find the beginners classroom and found a rather utilitarian looking room. But the spirit! The spirit was wonderful and I came back many many times until I got married and moved to South Jersey.

My favorite part of the room was actually the part of the Beit midrash right next to it with the stained glass windows. On a sunny winter Shabbat the sun would paint the floor in the prettiest colors. I will miss "my" first synagogue but look forward to seeing the new space, G-d willing soon.

Mon, July 13 2020 21 Tammuz 5780