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LSS 54th Annual Dinner 2018

Join us for a lavish dinner buffet and presentation, followed by a dessert extravaganza with special surprise entertainment.

Guests of Honor:

Dr. Susan Ungar-Mero and Steven Mero

Keter Torah Award: 

Chani and Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld  

  Le'dor Va'dor Award:

Shirley Wald and Paris Wald Stulbach


Registration Deadline: Monday, June 4th

If you would like to to provide sponsorships without attending the dinner, please leave the reservation name section blank. If you would like to add additional guests you will be able to do so by clicking "Add Additional Dinner Reservations" in the form below. You may add specific wording for a Journal Ad under the dropdown menu when choosing your sponsorship level.

Diamond - $50,000 (includes 10 dinner reservations)

Emerald - $36,000 (includes 10 dinner reservations)

Ruby - $25,000 (includes 10 dinner reservations)

Sapphire - $18,000 (includes 5 dinner reservations)

Opal - $10,000 (includes 5 dinner reservations)

Platinum - $5,000 (includes 5 dinner reservations)

Gold - $3,600 (includes 2 dinner reservations)

Silver - $2,500 (includes 2 dinner reservations)

Bronze - $1,800 (includes 2 dinner reservations)

Sponsor Couple - $1,000 (includes 2 dinner reservations)

Sponsor Individual - $500 (includes 1 dinner reservations)

Patron Couple (31-35 years old) - $500 (includes 2 dinner reservations)

 Patron Individual  (31-35 years old) - $250 (includes 1 dinner reservation)

Young Patron ( age 30 and under) - $180 ( includes 1 dinner reservation) 

Supporter - $250 

Friend - $100

All categories include a full page ad in the Virtual Journal

Please note, contributions above the value of the dinner are tax-deductible

Sunday 17th of June 2018, 5:30PM

Registration Closing
Monday 4th of June 2018 at 11:59PM


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Sun, May 27 2018 13 Sivan 5778