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Israel 101

The only way that we can be effective in our fight against BDS is to first educate ourselves. Even those of us who have been to Israel many times and feel that we understand the history, the politics and all the issues in this very complicated topic, have some gaps in our knowledge. This section aims to fill in those gaps and is a good refresher even for the most knowledgeable people.

Israel: A Guide for Activists This web site includes great background material to the whole Israel-Arab conflict, from the Balfour Declaration through the Gaza Wars. 

Answering Tough Questions About Israel Published by the Stand With Us organization, this digital brochure answers 25 tough questions such as: "Aren't Jews in Israel White European Colonialists?" and "Wasn't the Establishment of Israel a Grave Injustice to Palestinians?"

America's Partner Israel: Saving American Lives on the Battlefield (AIPAC)

Military assistance is a two-way street. Here are just some of the threats that American soldiers faced in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq: Booby-trapped houses, Distance door-breaching system, Lethal urban warfare, Detecting intruders. Israeli innovations in dealing with these and many other risks on the battlefield have helped save the lives of countless American soldiers' lives. Read about them.

Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782