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Video from Israeli TV Interview with Ukrainian Immigrant Seeking to Prove her Jewish Roots

An excellent way to learn about the great lengths that Tzohar goes to in order to prove the deep Jewish roots of a young woman whose family made aliya over 20 years earlier and lacked the proper documents needed in order to be married by the Israeli Rabbinate. Spoiler alert: There is a very happy ending and the young Jewish, Israeli couple is allowed to get married. Watch this video: Channel 10 Interview


Jewish Holidays Project

The Tzohar LeChagim project is designed to make Jewish holiday traditions accessible to all Jews in Israel, infusing the holidays with meaningful, Jewish content in an embracing and non-coercive atmosphere. TZOHAR holiday events for Yom Kippur, Purim and Shavuot are hosted in kibbutzim, moshavim and cultural centers across Israel. These events are staffed by hundreds of volunteers and attract 100,000 participants.

Shorashim Marriage Project

Jewish couples in Israel can only marry and obtain their Marriage License via the Rabbinate. Sadly, over one third of Israel’s secular couples, resent this coercive, bureaucratic encounter and opt for civil alternatives in Cyprus or Prague. Aside from the tragic loss of Jewish tradition, the children of these couples will find it virtually impossible to prove their Jewish roots later in life. Since 1996, TZOHAR has been working to preserve...Read more...

Tzohar's Shorashim Project

The majority of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union are born Jewish but are unable to prove their Jewish roots. They are legally prohibited from marrying as Jews in Israel. Consequently, they pursue civil marriage abroad, practically terminating their own Jewish status and that of their future children. By conducting rigorous forensic work, TZOHAR'S Shorashim project helps immigrants from the FSU, north and south America, authenticate...Read more...

A Jewish Response to the Paris Murders

Rabbi David Stav

The terrorist attacks in Paris in which four Jews were murdered at a Kosher supermarket near Paris remind us once again of the simple fact that Jews need to be in their natural home in the State of Israel. Government leaders appropriately call on French Jews to make Aliya to Israel because their place is here. The truth must not be concealed; in Israel the security situation will not improve dramatically in the near...Read more...

Sherlock Holmes, Rabbinic-Style  

Tzohar Approving Jewish Status

By Rav Reuven Spolter

It began with a text message.

Rav [Dovid] Stav wants you to call him.*

I called.

 “There’s a young [secular] woman whose mother is originally from [a distant city in South America]. All we have is her parents’ ketubah, but we cannot identify the mesader Kiddushin [rabbi who performs the wedding ceremony]. They were members of Chabad of Toronto in...Read more...

Fri, June 2 2023 13 Sivan 5783