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Shorashim Marriage Project

Jewish couples in Israel can only marry and obtain their Marriage License via the Rabbinate. Sadly, over one third of Israel’s secular couples, resent this coercive, bureaucratic encounter and opt for civil alternatives in Cyprus or Prague. Aside from the tragic loss of Jewish tradition, the children of these couples will find it virtually impossible to prove their Jewish roots later in life. Since 1996, TZOHAR has been working to preserve Jewish marriage in Israel and combat this wave of mass assimilation. After dramatic legal struggles, TZOHAR succeeded in creating Israel’s only private registry that serves as a legal and Halachik interface to the Rabbinate, customized for secular couples. Every year thousands of TZOHAR volunteer rabbis & women accompany more than 8,000 secular brides & grooms throughout their entire wedding procedure to ensure an embracing, inclusive and inspiring Jewish marriage experience.

Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783