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Tzohar's Shorashim Project

The majority of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union are born Jewish but are unable to prove their Jewish roots. They are legally prohibited from marrying as Jews in Israel. Consequently, they pursue civil marriage abroad, practically terminating their own Jewish status and that of their future children. By conducting rigorous forensic work, TZOHAR'S Shorashim project helps immigrants from the FSU, north and south America, authenticate their Jewish status and thus legally marry as Jews in Israel. Shorashim's staff work tirelessly to obtain the necessary documentation, photos and testimonies from international archives and databases. Shorashim utilizes a wide range of international resources and explores every possible avenue in order to ascertain the clients' Jewish status. TZOHAR's Shorashim Forensic Unit assists thousands of immigrants each year to prove their Jewish roots, legally marry as Jews and preserve their Jewish identity.te this content.

Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783