Shabbat Morning

Lincoln Square Synagogue provides youth groups for children between the ages of 2-12.Youth groups start at 10 am and end after davening. Our staff works hard to provide a safe and meaningful experience while implementing Jewish programming and the theme of the week. Please help us create a proper decorum for Davening by not socializing in our youth rooms. Please pick up your child after Davening.

זרעים  Seedlings (Age 2 Years Old) Room 210

Our youngest group, age 2, enjoy circle time Tefillah with Ariella, Parachute Parsha, stories followed by kiddush snacks, and free play. When dropping off your child, please make sure to notify Ariella.

שורשים  Roots (Ages 3-4 Years Old) Room 208  

Our newest and fastest growing youth group (ages 3-4) rock out with Shabbos parties! Your child will learn and sing Shabbos Tefillah, compete in Nok Hockey tournaments, learn through team building activities and finish with story time, Parsha exercises, and Candy Prize Kiddush!

ניצנים Buds (Ages 5-8) Room 211

Room 211 (ages 5-8) relaxes with bean bag Tefillah. Your child will engage in interactive discussions around the Parsha, learn the theme of the week, and analyze pictures. Healthy snacks and Kiddush provided!

פרחים and ענפים - Branches and Flowers (2nd grade+) Rooms 206 and 207

For our largest and oldest youth population, Tefillah is led by a Chazan and Chazanit, respectively! All minyanim encourage participation! Davening is followed by Parsha themed learning with options for both athletic and nonathletic games. As the weather gets nicer, we will take every opportunity to enjoy the fresh air outside.  

Sun, December 17 2017 29 Kislev 5778