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Lincoln Square Synagogue

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Vigil for French Terror Victims

French VigilOn Sunday, January 11, almost 1,000 people came to LSS to memorialize the seventeen victims of the terror attacks in France and to stand in solidarity with the French Jewish community and all of France, in a program put together by LSS and JCRC.

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Weekly Learning Opportunities

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Rabbi's Blog

Click here for Rabbi Robinson's insights on the Parsha and current events in his drasha from Parshat Vayeshev.

Finally ... the first video of the musical entertainment from the 2014 Annual Dinner is now available on YouTube. More to follow. Enjoy!


Israel Solidarity Mission Updates

On motza'ei shabbat November 22, Rabbi Robinson and members of the community began our Solidarity Mission to Southern Israel. Here are their latest experiences and encounters:

27 November: Dateline: Efrat

All good things must come to an end, including this amazing, awe-inspiring, spirit-reaffirming mission. Today, we leave Ashkelon and head north, to the Gush and to Yerushalaim. "I have a sickness," says Ori, "I love Jews." Ori is a recently retired officer in the IDF. We sit in his living room and listen intently to his stories. First, he shares with us his role in the search for the three teens this past summer: Gilad, Eyal and Naftali. Read more on our Israel page.


Fri, 30 January 2015 10 Shevat 5775