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Lincoln Square Synagogue

Annual Chanukah Dinner

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Rabbi Robinson's Interview with DNAinfo

Rabbi Robinson sat down with Emily Frost of DNAinfo and spoke about the way the Jewish population has changed in the neighborhood, the lack of competition among synagogues here and what lies ahead.

Emily: Just to start off, if you could give me the broad strokes of describing Lincoln Square Synagogue to our listeners, people who've never been by it, never been inside. What is it all about?

Rabbi Robinson: Okay, Lincoln Square Synagogue is a community. It's a welcoming community. It's a very diverse community. We are an Orthodox synagogue, Modern Orthodox synagogue. Arguably, our history ... We're the very first ever legitimately truly Modern Orthodox synagogue, and that is to say that our members strive to, in their own life, live very rich, observant Jewish lives, and at the same time remain very engaged in the wider world and the wider community around them. We stand for really trying to be as welcoming as possible and really trying to encourage as many different models within Judaism of observance and expression.

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Tributes to the Honorees - Annual Dinner 2015

Fri, 27 November 2015 15 Kislev 5776