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Lincoln Square Synagogue

Spring Clothing Drive Update

Lincoln Square Synagogue,

I want to thank you for your generous donation of over 90 bags of clothing, which we'll be sending in to Jewish communities in cities in eastern Ukraine; Bobruisk, Belarus; and Kishinev, Moldova.  Glenn Richter and Henry Gerber delivered it last Monday evening, and now our small office is surrounded with black bags!
Most of it will be going to Ukraine.  Their currency has lost 2/3 of its value this past year, so most people cannot afford to buy new clothing and are having trouble buying food.  We have a separate program which helps Jewish pensioners with the purchase of food.  We are also shipping clothing to refugees who are living in some of the larger cities in eastern Ukraine, which are out of the war zone.  There is no end to the need.
It is such a discouraging time for the people who live there.  We are for
tunate to be able to help them out and show them that they are not forgotten.
Thank you for all the help you gave to Glenn and Henry, as well as all the clothing you sent to us!  I know it will be put to good use.
Judy Patkin
Action for Post-Soviet Jewry

"Pay Your Dues" from 2014 Annual Dinner

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Wed, 27 May 2015 9 Sivan 5775