Women's Tefilah Group

The Women's Tefilah Group of LSS is availiable to help you plan and create a meaningful Bat Mitzvah for your daughter, should you be interested in having it take place in our women's service. The Bat Mitzvah can prepare (through a teacher of your choosing) to lain all or parts of the Torah portion and to lead all or parts of the davening - in either a Shabbat service for Shacharit, Musaf, MIncha; Kabbalat Shabbat; or lain megillah in a Purim holiday service!

There might be options/opportunities available for a Sunday Rosh Chodesh service as well.
We can offer support in planning for the service and additional women to lain and or lead the tefilah as needed.
For more information please contact us at: wtg@lss.org


Women's Tefillah Group  Schedule 2016/2017

October 24

     Monday evening

Simchat Torah

October 25

     Tuesday morning

Simchat Torah




November 18

     Friday evening

Kabbalat Shabbat




December 10

     Shabbat afternoon

Mincha, Parshat Vayishlach




January 7

    Shabbat morning

Women's Tefillah, Parshat Vayigash




February 11

    Shabbat afternoon

Mincha, Parshat Yitro




March 12

    Sunday morning

Megillat Esther, Purim




May 13

    Shabbat morning

Women's Tefillah, Parshat Emor




June 1

    Thursday afternoon

Megillat Ruth, Shavuot

Thu, June 22 2017 28 Sivan 5777