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Martha Cohn Aron Fund

We are pleased to inform you that the Martha Cohn Aron was installed at the Noam Yeshiva on Wednesday. There are still some details to be completed until it is ready for use.
This is quite a favorable turn of events considering what was contemplated at the beginning of this year. At that time we learned that the beautiful Aron could not be fitted into our new building and because of that it was to be broken up and buried. This sad finality to a wonderful gift that Martha made in her lifetime in memory of her parents who perished in the Holocaust was inconceivable to us and we took on this project to save the Aron. It is gratifying to all of us that going forward the Aron will used by young Jewish boys and girls who will get the benefit of a beautiful home for the sifrei Torah from which they will read. All of us know how glad Martha would be to see her gift continue for many years to come in such a surrounding.
We would be remiss not to mention another important fact in connection with Mrs. Cohn. The new donor board was installed right opposite the main minyan at LSS last week. If you look at it, you will see that due to the great generosity of Phyllis and Stanley Getzler, our beautiful Aron that graces the shul has been dedicated to the memory of Martha Cohn. This wonderful gesture by the Getzlers assures that Mrs. Cohn’s memory and her association with the LSS Aron will continue. So Mrs. Cohn will now be remembered in two locations.
As we have indicated previously, the total charges for the transportation and installation to LSS will be about $32,000. The shul is not in a position to bear this financial burden so we have taken it on. If you would like to participate in this endeavor, please donate below. For those who have already done so, we thank you. This will be the last time we are turning to you for your participation.
Leon Eisenmann and Fred Ehrman


This year, on March 7, 2014 our synagogue will once again participate in the
“Shabbat Across America” program. It’s a dramatic and exciting national program designed to reach
unaffiliated Jews.
“Shabbat Across America ” introduces Jews, many for the first time, to our customs and traditions
at an interactive, Friday night service and Shabbat dinner. It has been an extraordinarily successful
program in communities across the USA and Canada, involving tens-of-thousands of North American
Jews. Our synagogue has always been selected to be a part of this national outreach effort. And
we’re expecting it to be a major success this year in our own community.
Although we do charge participants a nominal fee for this event, the costs greatly exceed the income
we collect. Many of you have been consistent supporters of our Kiruv programs and we turn to you
once again. At this time, however, based on the huge responses we’ve had in the past, we must also
look for new supporters.
Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782