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Israel Through the Years


This year marks Israel's 75th anniversary. To celebrate, we have already rolled out a number of programs, with many more to come as we draw closer to Yom HaAtzmaut on April 25th. 

One of the ways we will be commemorating the anniversary is through a series of "Israel Through the Years" posts. Everyday - more or less - starting February 11, which is 75 days before Yom HaAtzamut - we will post with a factoid about something that happened in Israel in a given year. 

The first post will describe an event that happened in 1948. The second will describe something that happened in 1949. And so on, until we get to 2023. Some of the events described in the emails will be very well known. Others will be off the beaten path. Our aim is to inform, stimulate discussion and inspire people to want to learn more about our beloved State of Israel.

The material that we will be sending out will be created by our amazing kollel fellow, Yehonathan Kahana. 

Watch this space for your daily dose of "Israel Through the Years". In the meantime, to get you in the mood, give a listen to this (you'll want to raise the volume on your speaker). 

See here for Yehonatan Kahana's explanation on these emails.

Israel's 1st Year: 1948 - The Altalena Affair

Israel's 2nd year: 1949 - "Operation On Wings of Eagles"

Israel's 3rd year: 1950 - Snow!

Israel's 4th Year: 1951 - Hula Valley

Israel's 5th Year: 1952 - Reparations

Israel's 6th Year: 1953 - Unit 101

Israel's 7th Year: 1954 - The first time the play "Kazablan" was played

Israel's 8th Year: 1955 - WEIZAC

Israel's 9th year: 1956 - Operation Kadesh (Sinai War)

Israel's 10th Year: 1957 - The Kastner Affair

Israel's 11th Year: 1958 – Hidron Ha'Tanach (the Bible quiz)

Israel's 12th Year: 1959 – The Wadi Salib Riots - the sectarian divide in the State of Israel

Israel's 13th Year: 1960 - The Nuclear Bomb

Israel's 14th Year: 1961 - From Nathan to Nathan, the transition from the Zionist dream to the individual in Israel's poetry

Israel's 15th Year: 1962 - The execution of Adolf Eichmann

Israel's 16th Year: 1963 - Marriage for people who are not allowed to marry according to the Halacha

Israel's 17th Year: 1964 - The film "Salach Shabbati"

Israel's 18th Year: 1965 - Moshe Dayan, and the antiquities robbery

Israel's 19th Year: 1966 - Nobel Prize to S.Y. Agnon

Israel's 20th Year: 1967 - Operation Moked, the launch of the Six Day War

Israel's 21st year: 1968 -The Land of the Pursuit

Israel's 22nd year: 1969 - Israel qualifies for the World Cup

Israel's 23rd year: 1970 - What should poets write?

The 24th year of Israel: 1971 - "They Are Not Nice"

Israel's 25th year: 1972 - The Case of Chanoch and Miriam Langer

Israel's 26th year: 1973 - The Libyan Plane

Israel's 27th year: 1974 - Songs after the Yom Kippur War

Israel's 28th year: 1975 - Um Shmum

Israel's 29th year of Israel: 1976 - Operation Entebbe

Israel's 30th year: 1977 - Maccabi Tel Aviv, Champions of Europe

Israel's 31st year: 1978 - Israel in Eurovision

Israel's 32nd year: 1979 - Peace Agreement with Egypt

Israel's 33rd year: 1980 - Planning "Operation Opera"

Israel's 34th year: 1981 - Knesset election

The 35th year of Israel: 1982 - The "Galilee's Peace" Operation or: The First Lebanon War

Israel's 36th year: 1983 - I can't breathe

Israel's 37th year: 1984 - Economic Crisis

Israel's 38th year: 1985 - The Jibril Deal

Israel's 39th year: 1986 - Mordechai Vanunu

Israel's 40th year: 1987 - The Aliya of Ida Nodel

Israel’s 41st year: 1988 - The First Israeli Satellite

Israel's 42nd year: 1989 - Aviva's Summer

Israel's 43rd Year: 1990 - Haredim and Politics, the Rabbits and Pigs Speech

Israel's 44th Year: 1991 - 36 hours, 42 planes and 14 thousand Olim: the incredible story of "Operation Solomon"

Israel's 45th Year: 1992 - Opening of the Dagania Dam

Israel's 46th Year: 1993 - Israel and the Vatican

Israel's 47th Year: 1994 - The Kidnapping of the Soldier Nachshon Wachsman

Israel's 48th Year: 1995 - The Sixties arrive in Israel

Israel's 49th Year: 1996 - The Elimination of "The Engineer"

Israel's 50th Year: 1997 - The Helicopter Disaster

Israel's 51st Year: 1998 - Celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Israel's independence

The 52nd Year: 1999 - Establishing Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv

Israel's 53rd Year: 2000 - The Invention of the USB Flash Drive / The Disk on Key

Israel's 54th Year: 2001 - The Production of the "Tavor" Rifle

The 56th Year: 2003 - The First Israeli Astronaut

Israel's 59th Year: 2006 - Lebanon war in the media

Israel's 60th Year: 2007 - Finding Herod's Tomb

Israel's 66th Year: 2013 - The largest funeral ever held in Israel/The funeral of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Israel's 67th Year: 2014 - The Three Boys

Israel's 68th Year: 2015 - Price per tenant (מחיר למשתכן) and Israel's housing crisis

Israel's 69th Year: 2016 - The Funeral of Shimon Peres

Israel's 71st Year: 2018 - Operation Northern Shield

Israel's 72nd Year: 2019 - Abra Mengistu and Ethiopian society

Israel's 73rd Year: 2020 - The Abraham's agreements

Israel's 74th Year: 2021 - Protest against the broadcasts of the program "The Jews are Coming".

Israel's 75th Year: 2022 - The second Israeli astronaut in space and the death of Yoram Tahar-Lev

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