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What’s it all about?

Lincoln Square Synagogue is using the Thriving Synagogue Learning Tool to conduct a comprehensive survey to help us better understand ourselves and how our performance measures up.

The survey is called the Thriving Synagogue Learning Tool. It was developed by the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University with support from SYNERGY and UJA-Federation of New York

Who should participate?

Everyone who comes to Lincoln Square Synagogue or participates in our services, classes or programs! Members and non-members!

When is the survey?

The survey will launch on October 19, 2017 and will remain open for four weeks. We will be sharing the results about 2 months later.

What will the survey measure?

The survey seeks to measure whether Synagogues and communities are "thriving'" It will measure how the membership feels about current operations and future prospects in categories such as:


  • This is MY Place
  • Members have a strong sense of belonging
  • The synagogue plays a central role in their lives, and they feel a personal responsibility to help it succeed
  • They are proud to be members and would recommend the synagogue to a friend
  • They are comfortable and at home here and feel that this place is an excellent fit for them
  • They consider their dues or contributions an investment in the synagogue community
  • They fully intend to stay here

Intentional Leadership

  • In a thriving synagogue, volunteer leadership does not belong to a closed circle of people
  • Healthy flow of new volunteers into leadership positions
  • Lay leaders have a vision for the synagogue
  • They are accessible and responsive and have earned the trust of the congregation

Sacred Purpose

  • Having a measurable impact on their members
  • Fulfilling people’s spiritual needs and helping them grow as Jews
  • Prayer services are meaningful and attract people
  • Clergy articulate a vision of Jewish life that resonates with members and participants
  • The synagogue is understood and felt to be a sacred place

Connected Community

  • Open, welcoming, and appreciative
  • Members are woven into the fabric of the congregation
  • They feel connected to people
  • Friendships and relationships extend beyond the walls of the synagogue
  • Able to contribute their skills and talents to the synagogue

Sound Operations

  • Management of the budget, program, communications, and facilities
  • Things run smoothly in these synagogues
  • Facilities are well kept, communications are clear and timely, and programs are of the highest quality
  • Management and budget not only follow good nonprofit practices but are also reflective of Jewish values

Outward Facing

  • Concerned with their obligation to others
  • Collaborate with other organizations
  • Well regarded for their contributions to the larger community

The survey does not evaluate individual staff members, nor does it measure satisfaction with particular programs.

How long will it take?

There are 75 questions to answer on a 5 point scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. It takes about 15 minutes.

Who will have access to our data?

Responses to the congregation and board survey are anonymous and confidential.  LSS will not have access to individual level data


October 19

Survey Launches

4 weeks later

Survey closes

4 weeks after that

Synagogue leaders and SYNERGY professionals hold data share meeting to review Profile of Thriving report

Soon after

Synagogue leaders meet with SYNERGY coach to understand results and develop plans for action

Results are shared with congregation

Synagogue continues to use results to inform plans for action

Mon, October 22 2018 13 Cheshvan 5779