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East meets West

Ok, so on the right you can see the poster for the concert I did last Thursday. Ach! What an experience! A fusion of cultures, all united in presenting musical themes of liberation - personal and collective. The nitty gritty info you can get from the poster.  On a personal level though, I really enjoyed the experience. You see, Dr Kugelmass, the director of Jewish studies who put up this concert is an avid traveler, collector and foodie. Therefore, after rehearsal he invited us all to his place to make use of his fully stocked kitchen. When we arrived, fresh Hummus and chips (homemade of course) were on the table. Artichokes for the moroccans were also beautifully presented. The Iraqi Chazzan Reb Chagay Batzri got right to it. He cooked 'tbit' which is an Iraqi cultural food that is absolutely yummy. Rice, tomato paste, cardamon.... Mmmmmm. The Yemenite percussionist marinated the chicken with cilantro, garlic, olive oil and spices. Me? Well.... I ate ;-)

Hey, How do you like my ride? As your Shliach Tzibur I figured I'd be you Motze with enjoying some warm weather.... (All you snowbirds.... Payback ;-)

The actual concert took place at the Gainesville Chabad Center. A beautiful new building with every type of amenity a community center could dream of. Berl and Chany Goldman, the Shluchim who run the Chabad house were so so warm to everyone. It warmed my heart to see how many students of the university came to chill at this wonderful center.

We sang our hearts out. We improvised, harmonized, and presented different Nuschaot for Pesach, Shabbes, and the HH. As soon as I have clips, I'll share.

Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784