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Another Wonderful Shabbes!

This post is hot off the press. Literally. I don't know about you, but we just got back to Brooklyn and there's definitely an awesome energy we're charged with. 
This shabbos rocked. This Shabbos was explosive. This was undeniably the best Shabbos to kick off the month of purim.
Sing it loud, say it proud....firstly 2 mazel tov shutouts to the newest members of LSS -Babies Elana and Liba. May your parents see much joy and Nachas from you!
Mazel tov Avi, you were a champ up there! I'm pretty sure the Rabbi expressed interest in hiring u as a teleprompter, lol!
Tovim Hashnaim... Special thank u to my brother Shulem for enhancing our davening. 
'The LSS youth choir special debut... U guys were awesome. Max, Moshe and Jake- I think we have something good going.... A HUGE Yasher Koach to you!
Last but not least, congregational contributors (the oohers, the aahers and the hummers - u know who u r) thks for the cooperation- it isn't complete without u.
Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784