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Bring On The Warmth

Shavuah Tov friends!

If it makes you feel any better, we were also just as freezing here in Brooklyn this past weekend. (Ok maybe not JUST as cold).

Hopefully you enjoyed lots of cozy family time, within the realms of snowballing, cookie munching and cocoa sipping.

We also got some more use out of our piano as we played and sang along together as a quartet. Well, truth be told baby Chany did chime along with hand clapping and cookie crunching.

I've known the piece Kah Echsof ever since I was a little boy but just recently introduced it to my Friday night song selection.

Mendy and Tzippy have picked it up quite nicely and it quickly became a family favorite.

Composed by Rabbi Aharon Hagodol, this mystical Zemer is a masterpiece from every angle. Logos, ethos and pathos. He composed the poem and the melody. It is said that it was composed through Ruach Hakodesh (Divine Inspiration).

Take a look at the clips below, (one with the words & one instrumental) you just might find yourself forgetting that frost on ur windows. It really does awaken those warm fuzzy feelings inside.

Let's try singing it at the Oneg/Tisch on Friday night!



Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784