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Se'uda Stories

Yudit and I have received and are receiving numerous Shabbat dinner/lunch invites. It truly reflects the warmth and acceptance of our community when ivitations are extended so openly and frequently. I hate to kvetch, but as you all surely know, being hosted while the kids are tired, cranky or restless ain't a picnic. However, we decided to brave it and accepted Joyce and David Friedman's invitation to join them for Friday night dinner two weeks ago.
Boy, we were glad we did.
For those of you who haven't been at Joyce and David's, let me tell you, this was not just an amazing culinary experience, but the ambience, the other guest, the attention to detail.... We look forward to 'reJoyce' very soon ;-) (no pressure Joyce. Wink, wink)
This week we had dinner at the Huss'. So, as you may know Marc is a polyglot. By the time we walked to the other end of the Schwab house hallway, I heard him greet in 4-5 languages. Being that I travel quite a bit & I love languages, this was particularly entertaining. Food, company and the warmth was truly an oneg shabbos. Of course, I can't ignore the gum ball heaven the kids were in.... 
Open house is precisely the description I would use for the Huss place. The Friedmans and Blitzers hopped over to join us for dessert.
Yudit and I had to admit that it was actually quite the treat to get to know our community members so much better on an intimate level when sharing a meal.
Speaking about sharing, the other day we ate out at this new hip place called Mason & Mug. You guys should definitely give it a try. Great cheeses, wines... The works. So as I was paying, the bartender points to a lovely couple and says "your drinks were covered by a fan of yours". I wasn't sure if to be flabbergasted or flattered but curiously, I walked over to them. 
Turns out it was a fellow LSS'er, Berwin Cohen and his wife Etty! 
It really is heartwarming when such an outpouring of warmth is exhibited throughout the community. The vibe in LSS feels like a gigantic hug. And for that we are both humbled and ever so grateful.
So.... Who's joining us at the Beacon for Friday dinner next week? 
Have a fantastic week!
Wed, November 29 2023 16 Kislev 5784