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Parshat Vayigash


“And he sent Yehudah before him to Yosef, to Goshen to prepare before him; and they came to the land of Goshen.”

Yaakov is well-versed in the fine art of moving. There is good reason his symbol is the staff he used to cross the Jordan River. So it behooves us to learn how to prepare ourselves for such transitions from him. He did not move down to Yosef’s house in Egypt with his...Read more...

Hanukkah (IDF Kit)

Over the past couple of months, LSS has hosted speakers from Beit Morasha. As a quick reminder, Beit Morasha of Jerusalem (BMJ) was founded to cultivate leaders with the necessary skills and vision to respond to troubling trends that threaten the continuity and resilience of the Jewish people. A pioneer in integrating advanced Jewish studies and Western culture, Beit Morasha's revolutionary approach lies in creating a committed, intellectual...Read more...

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780